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Bare Danmark - naturismen.dk
Welcome to the world of naturism

Drop badetøjet næste gang du skal til stranden!These pages seek to describe naturism in Denmark. Naturismen.dk is not directly connected to any of the danish naturist organisations. But if you want to support naturism, you are encouraged to join an active naturist organisation - they really need your support to promote clothes free living.

Naturist are like most people apart from the choise of being naked in some situations - on the beach, in the water and somtimes also on the camping site.

Naturism can be made in many places - at home in the garden, on the beach or in one of the eight naturist campsites in Denmark. During the winter swimminig without bathing suits is possible in numerous swimming facilities all over the country.


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Two hours of freedom

-a beginners first experiences with indoors naturist swimming

I vandet uden tøj - det er frihed, også i svømmehallen"Naturists are naked when it feels natural" - that is the essence of a slogan on the homepage of Danske Naturister. And it is not exactely a public indoors swimming pool that most people thinks as the most natural environment. Many poople swimming naked at the beaches during summer couldn't imagine being naked in a public indoors pool, but on the other hand - when one have first come to like swimming naked, it just feels odd to take on clothes to go into the water - even when you have finished undressing and showering in the locker room of the swimming facilities.

When the summer is over, and/images the next opportunity to be naked outside your home seems far far away in the future. When you discover that going to the public swimming pool is not as fun as it used to be because you have to wear a soggy swimsuit, then is the time to consider naturist swimming.

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Natural nudity

Naturisme er en oplagt familieaktivitetNaturism is about nudity - about being naked when it is natural. A naturist is not naked anywhere or anytime, but when it feels natural and practical. Naturists doesn't go naked to offend or provoke. Naturists only shed their clothes when it is convenient and comfortable.

In naturism it is essential to separate nudity from sexuality. It must be legal - even normalImage - to be naked because it is pleasant - because weather is good - because the sea is tempting - without there is anything sexual about it.

This place on the internet is about naturism as a lifestyle, and great effort has been made to make it attr/images/imagesactive and interesting for both the curios non-naturist, the closet naturist and the passionate nudist.

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Bare beginning

Or: How to get started with naturism.

If you are not allready a naturist, but you really would like to try, here is some good advice on getting started:

Are you accustomed to being naked?

If you are not confident with your own nudity, it might be a good idea to start naturism at home. Here is some advice:

  • Sleep naked - If you are used to sleep in a pyjamas or in your underwear, it might be a fantastic experience to go to bed without any clothes on.
  • Shower naked - oh, you do that allready? Slogan from the homepage of Fine - then don't get dressed right out of the shower. Walk around the house, find the clothes you are going to wear, brush your hair before even thinking of getting dressed.
  • Sunbathe naked. If you have a undisturbed garden or balcony, then shed the last few pieces of clothes nex/imagest you enjoy the sun.
  • Swim naked. Skin is the best swimsuit. And why wear clothes in the water? Find a secluded beach or swimming hole, but be sure it is safe, and don't go alone - it is dangerous and skinny-dipping is always more fun in groups.
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Summer of Denmark, I love you

Børn på stranden - Fritz Syberg 1904According to the calender summer in Denmark starts on June 1'st. The meteorologists in Denmark defines a summerday as a day where the temperature reaches 25° C. This year it seems that these two definitions will meet about the 1'st of June. Climate scientists promises one of the warmest summers ever. Thinking of global heating it is not a good sign, but anyway we will enjoy a summer with lots of sunshine.

The poet Thøger Larsen wrote in 1923 his "Summersong" which today by most danes is better known as "Summer in Denmark, I love you". Perhaps most people hasn't given it a thought, but two of the verses testify that also in 1923 naturists enjoyed good weather on the beach...

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NUDEBOOK.dk - meeting place for naturists

The association "Danish Naturists" has in the beginning of November 2009 launched an electronic meeting place for all Danish naturists. NudeBook.dk looks and feels pretty much like the popular American Facebook, but NudeBook.dk is strictly for naturists, and unlike Facebook the people behind NudeBook will not censor pictures of nude naturists.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 November 2009 20:35
Why be naked?

Hvad nytte gør badetøj i vandet?Many naturists would answer, "Why not be nude?" Why would you wear clothing while swimming? You don't wear clothing in the bath or shower.

Why put on clothes to jump into the water? It won't make you any warmer, it won't protect you from getting wet. And when you get out of the water the swimsuit is wet and soggy, and is still doesn't make you warm - it rather makes you cold!

Naturists are not against clothing. Rather, we believe that you should dress only when appropriate.

Gå en tur langs stranden uden tøj - det er skønt!Being nude feels good. /images/imagesIt makes people feel free. It takes away artificial inhibitions that were forced upon us after we were born. Naturists believe in body acceptance. Most report feeling less self-conscious on a nude beach than on a traditional clothed beach.

The body parts which we cover are arbitrary. It has been suggested that we cover the genital area because of its sexual nature. However, a quick survey of your day would show that that area is used for non-sexual purposes the most of the time. In fact, an equally sexual body part is your lips. Yet we do not have any problems walking around with our lips exposed!

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2010-program fra Rassol

Rassol Travel's 2010-programIndholdsmæssigt er der ikke meget nyt i 2010-programmet fra Danmarks eneste rejsebureau med speciale i naturistferier, men som noget nyt kan man i år bladre i kataloget i en online version.

Igen i år indeholder kataloget rejsemål i Kroatien, Frankrig inkl. Korsika, Spanien inkl. De kanariske Øer samt Grækenland og Kroatien samt oversøiske destinationer i Florida samt Jamaica og Den Dominikanske Republik i Karibien.

Kataloget kan bestilles på Rassol's hjemmeside.

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 January 2010 09:56
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