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Alle strandene fra strandguide.dk, alle svømmehaller med naturistsvømning og alle danske naturistcampingpladser - i Google Earth Where people go bare

There are many places, where you can be clothes-free. You can bath and sunbathe on most beaches in Denmark, many indors swimming facilities offer swimming without swimsuits in the winter, and eight naturist camping sites gives you the possibility of bare living with other sun lovers during summer.

You can use Google Earth to find the "bare spots" on the globe.

Google Corp. has created a new fun piece of software that can be installed and used free of any charges. Google Earth as the programme is named is like a very advanced el/imagesectronic globe with the surface covered with aerial photos.

Google Earth can be downloaded from earth.google.com, and when it is installed and the PC has been rebooted, You are ready to play!

Here on naturismen.dk you can find links to bare beaches, camping sites and swimming venues all over Denmark, and also "bare spots" all over Europe.


Google Earth - en gratis, elektronisk globusWhen you have installed Google Earth, you are ready to use the links below:

- Bare Denmark - naturists map of Denmark (135 places)

You can also download separate parts of "Bare Denmark" in small portions:

- Bare beaches - all the beaches from strandguide.dk and more (117 beaches)
- Bare beaches on the west coast of Jutland
- Bare beaches of the lakes and the east coast of Jutland
- Bare beaches on the islands in Kattegat
- Bare beaches on Funen and the islands south of Funen
- Bare beaches on Seeland, the islands south of Seeland and on Bornholm
- Naturist swimming facilities in Denmark (10 places)
- Naturist camping sites in Denmark (8 sites)


On the page Bare Scandinavia you will find links to beaches and camping facilities in the other countries in Scandinavia.

Out in Europe

On the page Bare Europa you can find more than 1,200 links to many countries all over Europe.

POI for your GPS navigator

All the points in the KML- and KMZ-files here, can be used in Google Earth and Google Maps, but if you use a program like PoiEdit you can convert the KML-files to POI's for your navigator.

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